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Winter Photography

Well we haven’t gotten any snow here in the Chicagoland area so far this year. I believe less than two inches to date and its already the middle of January. So, I’ve dug into previous years photo’s to come up with some winter scenes.

McDowell Grove

Snow Scene

Japanese Garden b/w

Lake Falls



What have I been doing this year? Hmm… let me see…

The winter of 2012 didn’t start out too cold but as you can see, still not a good day for shopping.

Spring has arrived!! Flowers blooming, water flowing, yay!

Summer fun in the city!

This past August I had the honor of being the ‘official photographer’ for the Northern Illinois Food Bank’s volunteer appreciation event.

Mt. Hood

My new camera arrived just in time for my trip to the northwest this past October.

Well, that brings us up to date for 2012. Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner!

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