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High Dynamic Range or HDR is a process where you take three or more photo’s of the same scene at different exposures and merge them together to create one high dynamic range photograph. There are several stand alone or plug in programs that will help you do this. Photomatix is a stand alone that is very good, Photoshop has a merge to HDR within the program and there are several free-ware options you can try. You can even create a HDR image from one image although those usually dont come out as well as merging three or more photo’s, but it can be done. I personally dont care for the over done or over cooked HDR’s, they can look fake or cartoonish. The purpose that I use HDR is to bring out all the colors and tonal range and try to represent what I actually saw when I took the photograph.

West Branch Sunset

West Branch Sunset

West Branch Sunset

Japanese Gardens Fabyan


Forest Preserve Path

Heron Rookery

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