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Winter Photography

Well we haven’t gotten any snow here in the Chicagoland area so far this year. I believe less than two inches to date and its already the middle of January. So, I’ve dug into previous years photo’s to come up with some winter scenes.

McDowell Grove

Snow Scene

Japanese Garden b/w

Lake Falls



Black and White Gallery

Just Do It!

Take your camera with you everywhere. Take that shot, snap that photo, capture that scene! Who cares? Do it for yourself! The more you use your camera, the better you get! Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I want to photograph, I get that photographers ‘block’ but I know that I want to photograph something. Grab the cam and go… just do it!

That’s just what I did over the past weekend. Didn’t know what I was going to photograph but I knew that I would find something. After you take that first shot, you’ll find that it starts flowing. You’ll start looking around… hmm, what else is here, what else can I shoot?


Black and White

hmm, this looks interesting, play on shadows. Convert to black and white because, well, its about the shadows, right? Think I’ll leave the excavating machine slightly out of the picture, focusing on the shadow but I’ll make sure that I leave the word excavating that’s on the building in the shot. Yeah, that works for me, might not work for you but you know what? I learned a little bit more by taking this shot. Just do it!


Lets see whats in this dumpster. Hey it’s a couple of discarded political signs that’s kinda colorful with the red, white and blue but wait, look at that soda bottle with the same wavy red, white and blue colors. ‘snap’


Whats this, a  faucet with a garden hose? Naw too plain to waste a picture on… but the paint on the wall is kinda faded, there’s some chipping/peeling paint going on too. Hey the hose is leaking water, if I could just get those water droplets with their little droplet shadows, might be interesting. Let me make sure my shutter speed is fast enough to capture them.

Gas Pumps

Ok, so its dark out, I’m getting gas, I have my camera but I forgot my tripod. As I look down between the pumps and poles I see a symmetry that’s kinda cool. The area is lit but I want to make sure that I get a fast enough shutter speed to get a sharp picture. Time to play with the ISO settings. I’ll start with an ISO of I don’t know, 1600? Ok, that gives me a shutter speed of 1/100, yeah I can hand hold that to get the shot.

Get out there with your camera and shoot! Shoot anything, who cares? Start looking and you’ll start seeing! Just do it!

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