Camera Phones

Smile, you are on camera



Everybody has one. Photos taken with a cell phone is becoming common place. People are snapping, posting and snapping again. There are apps that allow you to post your photos to your favorite site whether its Photobucket, Instagram, Flickr or somewhere else almost as fast as you can say cheese.

The first thing I did after receiving my new phone was to check out the camera. I recommend using the largest resolution that your camera can achieve.  Go to your camera settings > aspect ratio/resolution and choose the highest setting available. The file size of your pictures will be large but most cell phones these days can handle large amounts of data. If you have a SD card installed in your phone, saving your photo’s to that will save memory in your phone.

The best way to learn your new camera phone is to go out and play with it… snap, snap and then snap again!


The Office Is Closed



Waters Edge


Welcome To The Machine


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